Originally started as Pilchner Associates in 1986 by Martin Pilchner, the firm became Pilchner Schoustal Associates in 1990 when joined by partner Rick Schoustal.  Pilchner Schoustal Inc. was established in 1994 and the expanded service Pilchner Schoustal International Inc. was incorporated in 1998.

Since the beginning the firm has been driven by a passion for quality in the pursuit of design and construction of meaningful acoustic architecture.  A strong commitment has been placed on development and continual improvement.  From design to technology every operation the company has undertaken has been analyzed to find new ways and better methods of achieving results.

In 1998 the company developed the successful Acoustic-X room optimization software, which is now used by Universities and Consultants world-wide. To date the design efforts include well over 500 recording/broadcast facilities.  PSII has engaged projects world-wide including the United States, Canada, Jamaica, Bermuda, Turkey, Austria, India, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to name a few.