Martin Art Deconstruction1


We are never satisfied accepting the typical vernacular approach to creating space. New and exciting concepts can evolve if we allow ourselves to break from tired old traditions that have long since become irrelevant. Modern facilities are about modern thinking which extends beyond the equipment to the very nature of the space itself.


Following what everyone else is doing is not original, nor does it make for a memorable space. We dig deep for design ideas that go beyond the usual. We endeavor to impart originality to our spaces by treating each client and their project as something special, exciting, and entirely new. Each facility has its unique issues and as such presents a unique departure point from which design can take flight.

Martin Art Deconstruction3


Quality comes in many forms. From the largest of scale to the smallest of details, a design can only be fully realized by being committed to excellence at every stage. We analyze and challenges every aspect of our work, because the pursuit of quality is our passion. We are not afraid to take something great, and make it better.


There is an undefinable quality, a genius loci or “spirit of place”, that can give a facility an inner character. Our pursuit is to capture this essence and translate it to a readable built order. A facility should be a comfortable environment, and one that promotes and inspires creativity.


The absolute quantifier of a facility is how well it functions. Beyond the abstract qualities of character and space, a facility must be measurably accurate.Performance is more than skin deep. A detailed focus on every aspect of construction methodology is a pre-requisite for successful results. Pinpoint imaging and flat system response are essential to sonic neutrality. Low background noise and high sound isolation are critical for uncompromising work. We accept nothing less from our facilities.


Every facility should have integrity. An appropriateness in scale, detail, systems, and budget that allows completeness to emerge. This sense of “zusamenfasung” or tying together is based upon the envelope of decisions that select the right things for the right reasons. It is only through a strong sense of the end goal and adherence to design objectives throughout the project that this can be realized.


A facility should embody characteristics that make it singularly unique. A disposition and eminence that sets it apart as immediately recognizable. By exploring potentials we endeavor to fulfill the seeds of greater ideas that can give your project individuality