• Mau5trap-Slider1


    Location:  Campbellville, Ontario     Pilchner Schoustal was called upon to design and realize a new creative and functional production environment for famed EDM artist Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5).  Joel having moved to his new estate in Campbellville required… Read More

  • whiskey-tango-slider1

    Whiskey Tango

        This is the preliminary schematic design of Whiskey Tango, a studio being built in a private residence.  The studio features a stereo control room with a concealed surround system and video projection capable of Dolby Atmos…. Read More

  • Beltway Slider1


    Location:  Houston, Texas   Beltway Studio is a new modern studio in Houston, Texas.  The studio features a 5.1 soffit mounted control room with a studio proper that wraps around it.  To provide isolated areas, large movable partitions sub-divide… Read More

  • Jukasa-Slider4


    Location:  Caledonia, Ontario   Pilchner Schoustal was selected to design the main film dubbing theatre for Jukasa Media Group in Caledonia.  The room features 6 luxury seats, and 15 standard seats for screening purposes.  Projection is provided by a Christie… Read More

  • BaumHaus-Feature

    Studio Baumhaus

    Location:  Houston, Texas Photography:  Skip Burrows   Located in Houston Texas, Baumhaus was created by a Texas based singer and composer. The words used from the beginning of this five-year project were “Modern Vintage”. This massive project required the… Read More

  • Deluxe-Feature menu


    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   When Deluxe was required to relocate its entire operation to new facilities, Pilchner Schoustal was brought into the project to work with the Deluxe team to provide acoustic consultancy and design of the production… Read More

  • Reservoir-Slider1


    Location:  New York City, New York   Located on the site first opened in 1979 as Skyline Studio, is a legendary space that has hosted sessions by David Bowie, Nile Rodgers, Lou Reed, Puff Daddy and many others. Meticulously… Read More

  • Mastering-Palace-Slider-2

    Mastering Palace

    Location:  New York, New York   The Mastering Palace is a New York based mastering facility home to Dave Kutch and his team, known worldwide for the great records they work on with the industries top artists.    When… Read More

  • Grayson-Matthews-Studio-A-Slider1

    Grayson Matthews

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   Grayson Matthews is a highly successful commercial music company.  Pilchner Schoustal having designed their original studios was asked to design their new facilities.  This involved the relocation and expansion of their current studios.  … Read More

  • Saint Claire Slider1

    Saint Claire

    Location:  Lexington, Kentucky   Nestled in the rolling hills of Lexington, Kentucky, on a private 11 acre property, Saint Claire Recording Company overlooks the lush, tranquil countryside famous for its horse farms. The property is completely enclosed, and… Read More

  • Hyperreal_slider

    Hyperreal Overkill

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   This project is a private residence renovation that was constructed by the studio’s owner Peter Hodson.  He enlisted the services of  Pilchner Schoustal Inc. for design and consultancy of his space.  Due to the small existing area, a… Read More

  • Yash Raj Slider1

    Yash Raj

    Location:  Mumbai, India   This project represents the largest development of studio facilities to be built in India in the last 25 years. Pilchner Schoustal was chosen from among the top designers in the world to spearhead the… Read More

  • AW-2

    Acoustic Workshop

         Our objective is to provide you with a modular studio system that meets your most demanding needs.  To do this we need to understand the ambitions you have for the use of your new studio.  During… Read More

  • Spaceship Feature 1

    Space Ship Studio Concept

      This new design features a controlled reflection geometry control room with ample space.  The side walls feature alternating specular absorption with diaphragmatic wood panels installed flush with each other.  The rear wall features a phononic diffusor array… Read More

  • S+V-Post-Slider

    S+V Post Mumbai

    Location:  Mumbai, India   These are conceptual renderings of an upcoming audio post facility to be built in Mumbai.  This film mixing space is designed to envelop an integrated Dolby Atmos surround system while also offering a comfortable screening area for clients…. Read More

  • NMC Slider1

    National Music Centre

    Location:  Calgary, Alberta Exterior Rendering: Allied Works Architecture   The National Music Centre is a prestigious new museum and media facility.  The Striking building was designed by Allied Works Architecture.  Our role in the project was to design the… Read More

  • Laval Slider1

    Laval Universite

    Location:  Quebec City, Quebec   This is a new recording facility that was designed for Laval Universite. The facility replaces an older studio in the same location.  It features a large central control room as well as four… Read More

  • Revolution Slider1

    Revolution Recording

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario Photography:  Heather Pollock   Revolution Recording is a bold new studio built in downtown Toronto catering to music production clients. The facility features 3 studios.   The departure point for the design of this facility… Read More

  • 1_Studio_A_Sound-Board-1400x548

    Downtown Studios

    Location:  New York City, New York   This facility was designed for Downtown Records in New York and features two control rooms sharing a studio proper and two isolation booths. The facility was nominated for a TEC Award… Read More

  • DNA SliderA

    DNA Studios

    Location:  Woodbridge, Ontario Photographer: Philip Kluba   This music recording facility features a large control room and studio proper. The studio proper features an isolation booth with a gallery window above which allows a top down view of the… Read More

  • Joao Caravalho Mastering Slider3

    Joao Caravalho Mastering

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   This mastering studio combines absolute state of the art acoustics with rich old world charm. The mastering room features and advanced application of controlled reflection geometry which incorporates two foot deep floor trapping, specific… Read More

  • Raynault Slider3

    Raynault Theatre

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   The departure point for this project was to create the best possible theatre. This room design was based upon the pursuit to achieve perfect listening and viewing conditions. It is an endeavor that is… Read More

  • Cherry Beach Slider2

    Cherry Beach

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   This was a new control room added to an existing studio. To position the control required major structural modifications to the building, including relocation of the main entrances and the development of a new… Read More

  • Supersonic Slider1


    Location:  Miami, Florida   This studio was designed for Grammy Award winning record producer Gustavo Celis. This multi-platinum producer was looking for a modern space in which to carry out his production efforts, that embraced high performance monitoring… Read More

  • Ubisoft Slider 3


    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   Pilchner Schoustal was engaged by UBISOFT to work on the design of their motion capture studio in Toronto.  The project was a  challenge being located in an older re-purposed building that was directly adjacent… Read More

  • Star City Slider4

    Star City

    Location:  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania   The building was designed to house a full service music and audio post facility with a high degree of flexibility. Particular attention was paid to synergies between adjacent spaces that could encourage efficient workflow… Read More

  • Deadmau5 Feature2

    Deadmau5 Studio

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   This new recording studio / composition suite is for noted electronic music artist Deadmau5.  The facility is built into half of his double penthouse suite in Toronto.  Joel (Deadmau5) has a massive collection of… Read More

  • Sherpa Slider3

    Sherpa Studio

    Location:  St. Louis, Missouri   This studio is designed to fit into an existing structure. The control room and studio take up the higher ceiling parts of the building, and a client lounge, entrance area, kitchen, and small… Read More

  • Liberty Slider1

    Liberty Studio

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   This facility is designed within the context of a tenant space in a repurposed factory building. The height of the existing space has been taken advantage of to offer high volume areas for a… Read More

  • Radio Canada CBC Slider1

    CBC Radio Canada Studio 12

    Location:  Montreal, Quebec   This project involved the redesign of the existing control room facility at Radio Canada. The original room suffered from poor low frequency resolution with very pronounced modal resonances. Room shape, boundary treatment and door… Read More

  • Deerfield Slider1

    Deerfield Recorders

    Location:  Cleveland, Ohio   Deerfield Recorders is a private facility built on a picturesque acreage 20 minutes outside of Cleveland. The design features a unique exterior design with an inverted roof assembly. The exterior finishes include black brick… Read More

  • Focus Fox Theatre Slider1

    Focus Fox

    Location:  Budapest, Hungary   This facility is a state of the art THX certified film mixing environment and color correction suite. Projection is via a Christie 2K or a Sony 4K projection system. The space features three main… Read More

  • The Post Shop Slider2

    The Post Shop

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   The Post Shop has long been known as a high quality video facility. The addition of these modern audio suites extends their commitment to offer full turn-key services. Two full audio studios have been… Read More

  • Maison D'musique Slider1

    Maison D’Musique

    Location: Toronto, Ontario   This is an enviroment built solely as the personal production space of Stephan Moccio. As a noted pianist, the importance of the instrument is regarded by it’s central dominance in the use of the… Read More

  • Ruffnation Slider1


    Location:  Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania   This studio was developed for Chris Schwartz formerly of RUFFHOUSE records who was responsible for such artists as The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Wycleff Jean, etc.   The studio is built in a 200… Read More

  • Tapeless Slider1


    Location:  Dublin, Ohio   Located on a heavily wooded lot, keeping as many trees as possible intact, this full service facility in no way gives away it’s location in a modern industrial park. Tapeless is in an enclave… Read More

  • Blinding Edge Slider2

    Blinding Edge Pictures

    Location:  Malvern, Pennsylvania   This project for M. Night Shyamalan involved the adaptive re-use of a historically designated barn outside of Philadelphia.  The exterior conditions of the building were restored and new additions were added for a projection room… Read More

  • Contempo Feature1

    Beltway Concept

    Location:  Houston, Texas   These renderings show a new modern studio being developed in Houston.  The studio features a 5.1 soffit mounted control room with a studio proper that wraps around it.  To provide isolated areas, large movable partitions… Read More

  • LiveWire Slider2

    Livewire Remote Recorders

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   Audio Mobile with 64 tracks of Protools HD and digital tape for live broadcasts, dvd’s, awards shows, live albums. 5.1 Surround sound control room. 3000 remotes over the past 25 years.   The control room… Read More

  • Le Petite Boutique Feature1

    Studio Le Petite Boutique Concept

    Location:  Quebec City, Quebec   These renderings show a new private modern recording studio being developed in Quebec.  The studio will be built in the upper level of stand alone multi-car garage building.  The entire upper level will accommodate… Read More

  • Rozbitek Concept Slider1


    Location: Rozbitek, Poland   This project involved the adaptive re-use of a castle under restoration in Rozbitek Poland.  The facility is being tailored to house film projects under development, and is the center point of a film festival… Read More

  • Great Divide Slider1

    Great Divide Studios

    Location:  Aspen, Colorado   This studio is built below grade and is carved out of granite, as the lower level of a private residence. The studio was nominated for a TEC Award in 2007.   The studio features… Read More

  • Grayson Matthews Slider1

    Grayson Matthews Original

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   This facility is geared toward efficient and creative production for music for advertising. The facility incorporates a full-up surround sound control room environment with a generous live floor and isolation booth for live of… Read More

  • Fresh Baked Goods Slider1

    Fresh Baked Goods

    Location:  Blackstock, Ontario   This studio is nestled in the beautiful setting of the Oak Ridges Morraine. It is built as the personal retreat studio for singer/songwriter Steven Page of the Bare Naked Ladies.   The original concept… Read More

  • TLR Feauture1

    Automotive Audio Evaluation Room

    Location:  Detroit, Michigan   This room was designed for a major automotive manufacturer.  It provides a neutral, yet somewhat adaptive listening environment with stereo and surround playback.  This space is used to evaluate recordings of varied audio test… Read More

  • Stavenger Concpet Concert Hall Slider1

    Stavenger Concert Hall

    Location:  Stavenger, Norway   Just as an instrument case is molded to the particular nuances of its instrument, this proposal for a new concert hall in Stavenger Norway is shaped by the inherent nuances of ‘the musical event’…. Read More

  • Merriam Music Slider1

    Merriam Music

    Location:  Oakville, Ontario When Allan Merriam committed himself to creating a production and performance environment for the students at Merriam School of Music, it was the same approach he’s taken over his long and innovative career – no… Read More

  • Studio Crawford Slider2

    Studio Crawford

    Location:  Montreal, Quebec   Crawford studio is a fully functional recording facility built in a residential setting. A new exterior addition to the residence accommodates the control room, and the existing garage area houses the studio proper and… Read More

  • Asylum Slider2

    Asylum Studios

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   The studio of two writing rooms and a control room configured around a centrally located studio proper. The studio space features sound-isolating window assemblies which allow the penetration of natural light into the space…. Read More

  • Guillon Slider3

    Guillon Theatre

    Location:  Orangeville, Ontario   This theatre is the end result of a design approach that embraced acoustic rationalism and the use of natural materials as the departure point. It was designed by Pilchner Schoustal International as a response… Read More

  • Phase One Slider1

    Phase One Studios

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   The newest form of Phase One is the result of an extensive retrofit and upgrade to this legendary studio. The existing B room has been selectively demolished to the make way for this dynamic… Read More

  • Deerfield Concept Slider1

    Deerfield Recorders Concept

    Location:  Cleveland, Ohio   Derek Carter’s Deerfield Studios is located in the rolling hills just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. The building is situated on a large rural property with views to a beautiful landscape.   The design organizes… Read More

  • McGill Slider2

    McGill University Concept

    Location:  Montreal, Quebec   This design encompasses ongoing work to develop the research and recording facilities at McGill University. The work is to develop the acoustic design of two control rooms a studio proper and a number if… Read More

  • Yash Raj Slider1

    Yash Raj Television Concept

    Location:  Mumbai, India   This design is to add existing television post production capabilities to the existing film studio complex.  The design provides for multiple video edit suites, color correction, audio mix, audio pre-production, and screening to incorporated… Read More

  • Conceptual Slider2


      This project is an exploration of a new control room topology.  The design as treated as a sound isolating envelope inside of which objects with the various technical functions are placed.  The design embraces a minimalist form,… Read More

  • CBU Slider1

    CBU Ethnomusicology

    Location:  Cape Breton, Nova Scotia   This is a small recording studio developed for Cape Breton University and their Ethnomusicology department. The studio will serve to record and archive the traditional music of the area as well as… Read More

  • Deadmau5 Mobile Concept Slider

    Deadmau5 Mobile

      These renderings show the concept of a mobile production environment being considered by artist Deadmau5.  The idea is to develop a self contained electronic music production environment that could follow the artist throughout North America and Europe. … Read More

  • Talking Dog Slider1

    Talking Dog

    Location:  Regina, Saskatchewan    These were rendering prepared for  one of the film / tv mix rooms for a proposed Talking Dog post facility. The physical facility was not realized, however the renderings show the mix room context… Read More

  • Star City Lobby Concept Slider1

    Star City Lobby

    Location:  Bethelhem, Pennsylvania   During renovations at Star City it was decided to relocate the entrance lobby on the building. These renderings were prepared to show how the new lobby concept would integrate in it new locations and… Read More

  • Saint Claire Concept Slider1

    Saint Claire Concept

    Location:  Lexington, Kentucky   These rendering were prepared in the design process of Saint Claire. They help use to explore relationship and scaling of elements utilized in the final design.    

  • Ruffnation Concept Slider1

    Ruffnation Concept

      These interpretive renderings illustrate the relationship between specific design elements during the evolution of the design for Ruffnation.  

  • Model Slider1

    Model Photos

    These are a collection of physical models photos. The models have been prepared for various projects or to text new concepts.  

  • Focus Fox Slider

    Focus Fox Concept

    These are the conceptual renderings for the Focus Fox film mix theatre and color correction suite.  The idea is the central tier in the room is for the audio mix activities and the rear furniture system is to… Read More

  • Trebas Concept Slider1

    Trebas Institute

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   This design is for new studio facilities for Trebas Institute in Toronto.  The studio is to be built for the new school facility.  The design features a control room with the studio proper to… Read More

  • Simplicity Slider1


    Location:  South Carolina   This facility design was developed to fit into the context of an existing space.  The design features a 5.1 soffit mounted control room and a large studio proper.  The studio proper incorporates two dedicated… Read More

  • Star Trak Slider1

    Star Trak Entertainment

    Location:  Virginia Beach, Virginia   This was a design developed for a facility being considered by the Neptunes.  It involved the development of an existing site, with modern studio and control designs that incorporated large scale virtual environment… Read More

  • Sigma Concept Slider1

    Sigma Sound

    Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   Every 11 minutes somewhere in the world a song recorded in this studio is being played. This studio is famous for the Philly Soul sound with well over 160 gold and platinum records to… Read More

  • Much Music Slider3

    Much Music

    Location:  Toronto, Ontario   The Control Room of this On-Air Television Studio, features a high sound isolated enclosure system which includes 6″ thick concrete floating floors. The floating floors integrate a comprehensive cable management system which connects all… Read More