Location: Dublin, Ohio

The Space

Located on a heavily wooded lot, keeping as many trees as possible intact, this full service facility in no way gives away it’s location in a modern industrial park. Tapeless is in an enclave all by itself, and upon entering the driveway, you feel as if you have just entered the forest.

The Design

The facility features two large scale control rooms sharing a large live room. Absolute sound isolation is attained through a clever use of hallway circulation space as sound isolator.
The control rooms feature Genelec monitors set up for 5.1 surround sound work, with the rear channels are located in geometric rear ceiling soffits. A unique approach to workstation design makes the environment particularly well –suited for music composition work. A specially engineered surface allows the operator to have the console, work station, or musical keyboard in front of them while never leaving the sweet spot. A reverse curve to the desk allow producers and clients to feel physically included in the process.

The finishes are pure materials. The floors are polished concrete, all drywall surfaces and off-white, woods are represented in two palettes, rough-sawn and highly finished. The end result is an aesthetic approach decidedly arts and crafts. Stickley furniture is used throughout.